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Different Promotional Approaches to Trade Shows

There are many ways of getting people to your booth at a tradeshow, but the easiest is to give them something. Telling someone you have a gift for them is a very easy way to make a connection. This doesn’t work as well with pens as it does with food or toys. In addition it doesn’t matter the age of your audience most people won’t turn away sweets, especially when they’ve been walking a trade show for hours. People will come to your booth for food, regardless of what it is. We’ve done everything from granola to hot sauce for our clients and are willing to venture into any food group for you. While food is a great way to get people to your booth, it doesn’t leave a lasting memory of who you are (unless you are giving a whole bottle of hot sauce). Once you give someone a food gift the imprinted bag is only seen until the nuts are gone. For trade shows, the pros way out weigh the cons when it comes to food gifts. Another promotion that is unaffected by the age of the consumer are toys. A free toy, is a free toy. If they don’t want it, you could bet their kid or dog might find it pretty neat. A great item is something you can throw without damaging anything. If you make eye contact with someone and throw them a stress ball 9/10 times they’ll catch it. If they catch it they really only have two options come talk to you or stash your promotion and walk away. The former is much more likely and either way your name gets out there. We did a trade show this week where we gave away little flashlights (nice ones, 9 led lights) and told everyone we had a present for them. You would be how shocked how giddy people are by the idea of a present. Although when it comes to effective trade show marketing it has a lot to do with the personnel you have working it. If you have good promotions with good personnel you give your people the ammo they need to hit the targets.

Trade Show Ideas

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Promotional products make the world go ‘round.

We Make Them

Planning Your Promotion

There is still snow on the ground but it is never too early to start planning your next promotion. Planning your next promotion in advance allows you to get exactly what you are looking for at the best possible price. How? Firstly, it allows us the time to use our resources to get you the best possible deal. At the beginning of the year the promotional products business, like most businesses, is slower than the rest of the year. This gives a huge advantage to the consumer because the suppliers are more willing to compete for your orders. With time we can shop around and find you the best supplier to meet your needs. Not to mention that waiting also gives us the chance to look for closeout sales on your behalf and potentially greatly lower the cost of your promotion. Secondly, planning your promotions in advance saves you money on freight. We can send everything via the least expensive mode of transportation because we have the time. Not to mention if your quantity is sufficient we can ship from overseas and allow the time it takes to cross the pacific by boat. Finally, planning your promotion allows you peace of mind. If we order your promotional product early we can guarantee that the supplier has the inventory. We can guarantee that you get exactly what you want, on time. The best part is that while getting ready for your upcoming tradeshow or event you don’t need to think about your promotional products because we already took care of it. So Remember plan your promotions! Call us- 847-677-1999 x22 or email us at Get our specials while they last!


Imprinted Clothing

One of the most popular types of promotional products is apparel and for good reason. If you can get someone to wear your logo, they essentially become a free walking billboard for your company. This can be done effectively with hats, shirts, shirts, fleeces, and many others. Additionally there are many things to consider when creating a promotional piece of apparel. Firstly how much do I want to spend? Do I want to give 1000 t-shirts away or 100 microfleeces? The quantity vs quality question is always something to consider when purchasing promotional products. With apparel though it plays a big role, people might use a cheap pen and people might wear a cheap shirt, but people will definitely use a nice pen and a fleece. Secondly you need to consider the imprint. Besides your friends and family who is going to wear a shirt with your company logo in big bold letters across the front and your companies slogan on the back? The answer…….. Not many people. So how do you create a shirt that is cool enough to be worn by strangers but also advertises our company? That’s where we come in. We would love to help you create a shirt that gets a laugh or at the very least has a shock factor. Or simply a shirt that’s too cool to throw away. Give us a call- 847-677-1999 x22 or email us at Feel free to look through our websites apparel page but to see what the cool stuff we can do with design set up a meeting with us!


Let Us Help

A lot of people think that they need to know exactly what they want when they call us, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. With all the expertise Remred has to offer it makes more sense to call us before you know what you want. If you give us your budget, a time frame, and the goal of your promotion; we will offer you many creative promotional product ideas. Our business is built on being our client’s marketing consultants. Having your promotional product meet your target markets eye is our specialty. We are here to get you noticed.

Ready to get noticed?


When you decide to market your company at a tradeshow, your objectives must be clear. Are you selling merchandise right at your booth or shipping later? Or are you there to collect business cards and make follow up calls/emails? Maybe you are there showing support to your chamber of commerce, trade association or significant client. What is your budget? That is based on the above goals, how many shows you attend and location of those events, among other factors. Determine the breakdown of that budget: exhibit fee, booth expense, travel, personnel and promotion. There can be many other costs, which vary by event. Make sure those are estimated and included. Next, pick a promotional product to help you reach your objectives. When you are selling at your booth, an imprinted gift with purchase will increase sales and lead to future web or phone sales. Effective tradeshow giveaways will attract prospects to your booth AND have them remember your company. Higher priced items are more effective but may be over your budget. A client said they wanted 1000 $1 items for a tradeshow. When we asked about attendees, she said that most were not good prospects. We suggested a $.25 round wooden coin that said “TUIT” on one side and their logo, phone and website on the other. As they handed them out they asked to be called when the prospect got “around to it”. Better prospects and clients were given a $3 tape measure that tied into helping get more effective quotes of the sized area that needed my client’s service. The same $1000 was spent, but much more effectively by REMRED’s experience and creativity. Finally, after the tradeshow, FOLLOW UP! Call, email or even snail mail to those who stopped by your booth. Set up an appointment, by phone or in person, to sell your goods and services. We have sent gifts with the snail mail letter or handed them to the prospect at the follow up appointment. Make sure that they remember you when they are in the market for what you offer. Effective, creative promotional products will help you exceed expectations. If you have questions or need suggestions, please email or call 847-677-1999, ext. 22.

Creative Original Promotions

Anyone who has ever been to anything has been given a free pen with an imprint on it. You get them anywhere from the library to restaurants, and with good reason it is an inexpensive promotional item that people use. Although the sheer quantity of pens people are given when at tradeshows or other business events makes it less and less effective. There are many ways to combat the quantity of pens being given away, you could simply give away the nicest pen or you can try a more creative solution. That’s what we are here for! The best promotional products are the ones that make you stand out. The one that people see, laugh at, and then keep to show their friends. Whether it be a themed item with a clever pun, a gag gift, or even just an oversized pen. We strive to help you stand out! For creative ideas from experienced salesmen call- 847-677-1999x22 or email at

$3 Ideas

Choosing a Promotion Part 3

An important part of choosing a promotion is catering to your intended audience. You can use a promotional item for anyone, from children to fortune 500 CEOs. Although you wouldn’t buy the same promotional product for those two groups of people nor would you spend the same amount per item. When you’re promoting to the general public you want to choose an item that everyone has a use for, that’s why you see so many pens in this industry. Although you are not limited to pens, the general public like lip balm, tissues, candy, and stress balls. All of those items are inexpensive and effective promotions, most of which will cost you less than a buck fifty per item. Now let’s say for sake of discussion you are promoting your business to other businesses that can choose whether or not to use your services. In this scenario the item needs to at the very least have a high perceived value, and it always helps to be industry specific. Do not mistake me, and think I’m suggesting you should give dentists toothbrushes, accountants calculators or construction workers tools. Those are the type of promotional products they would give away, to their clients. Although if you are trying to attract these people professionally you might think about giving away a tablet holder, a portfolio, a Bluetooth speaker, or a nice thermos. Those items are generic, but if you have a target audience we will give you a ton of creative ideas to help you get the business you want. Call us- 847-677-1999x22 or email us at

$20 Items on Special

Choosing a Promotional Product Part 2

There are many things to consider when choosing a promotional product but today let’s focus on the imprint: When imprinting a promotional product there is a lot to think about. Do I want just my logo? Do I want a catching advertising slogan to go with this campaign? Is there enough room for my contact information? Is my logo recognizable enough to not need contact info? All these things depend on your target audience; do you want people to call you? Or just promote brand image for a service your customers already use? Regardless of the goal imprint area is important. The most important part of the promotional product is that the recipient remembers who gave it to them. So make sure that the imprint will be visible when the item is in use and that it is large enough to read easily. Although I don’t know why you’re reading this, you already know people who will think about all this for you. At Remred we have years of experience helping clients create effective promotional products, and we can help you too!

What do you want?

Remred is a promotional products consulting company dedicated to giving our clients what they want. We strive to go beyond expectations, in all aspects of our business. Don’t know what kind of promotion you want to do? Call us, we’d be happy to talk you through it. Although that is not what this post is about, we want to know how we can better serve you. So please tell us- Email with any suggestions. We’d love to hear your input. We have recently been making the transition to the digital world and we want to maintain the high quality of service we have always offered our clients. Remember Remred for promotional products, creative ideas, experienced salesmen, and most importantly to serve your needs!

Why Use Remred?

We are fully aware that there are many companies out there that have automated promotional products and therefore appear as the most effective in the industry. This appearance couldn’t be further from the truth. At Remred we offer you the lowest prices in the industry, creative solutions to meet whatever your promotional products needs may be, and we always deliver on time. Not to mention with Remred you always get a real person who genuinely cares about your business. We don’t only sell promotions, we also give away ideas. Need help with an upcoming tradeshow? Have a big event and want to leave a lasting impression? Or simply want to be able to market your company at any time? Promotional products are the perfect thing for you! In this new age of online marketing and social media some people forget how effective giving a person something tangible is. One in four people on street are walking around with a promotional product*, and 82.6%* of those people can tell you whose product they are walking around with. For a marketing campaign those numbers would be considered incredibly effective. So why aren’t people walking around with your promotional product? Because you haven’t called us yet! 847-677-1999 x22 *Promotional Products: Adding Tangibility to Your Nonprofit Promotions Donald R. Self Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing Vol. 9, Iss. 1-2, 2001

What can we do for you?

Remred is a distributor of promotional products with over 3,000 suppliers that collectively have over 300,000 products to choose from. On our website we only showcase 100 of those suppliers and only 5,000 of those items in order to make it easier for you when using our website. We showcase our most dependable suppliers, and our most quality products. If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website please call us at 847-677-1999x22 and we’ll find it for you. Remred has been part of the promotional products industry for 15 years although we’ve had relationships with our suppliers for far longer. We can do things for you that other companies can’t. Our goal is to get you the best promotional product, at the best price, on time. We offer the full range of products from cheap promotions, to corporate gifts. We are more than promotional products salesmen, we are marketing consultants. We offer you creative ways to market your company whether it is to thank your existing clients, create new business, or network at a trade show. We are here to help!

We are Consultants

Remred business class promotional products is dedicated to finding you the highest quality promotions for your company, at the best possible prices. Typically a client will come to us and say I have a budget of X and I need it for Y. X+Y=Z and we solve for Z. We go through our suppliers and find products that are industry specific, high quality promotions. Although if you are looking for cheap plastic stuff, we can get that for you as well. The advantage of getting a promotional product from Remred is that we always compare our suppliers to get you the best price. We have been in the business for a long time and have created very good relationships with our suppliers. We can do things for you that other distributors cannot. Additionally we utilize everything at our disposal in order to get you the lowest price possible. For instance, if your event is in Maine we will have an east coast factory make your promotional products to decrease freight costs. So who’s doing your next promotion? Call us- 847-677-1999x22 or Email us-

Here Are Some $5 Ideas

Awards and Rewards

It is never a bad time to thank your employees. The happiness of your employees can make or break a business. Also it is no secret that incentive programs tend to motivate employees far more than a stern word. Now let’s think of your business in particular and see if there is a good way to motivate your employees. Is there a behavior you desire or don’t desire? For instance for our clients in the safety industry, we offer incentive programs that reward employees for days without an accident. We use points that can add up to prizes for the employees. Additionally if you have a good quarter it doesn’t hurt to take some of the money and reinvest it in your employees. Giving your employees a gift is a great morel booster, whether it be a speaker or a snuggy I bet they’ll appreciate it. Employee of the month awards don’t hurt either. At Remred we offer you any and all form of incentive programs for your employees. We have awards in wood, glass, crystal, granite, or you name it and we’ll find it. We have a ton of different incentive programs, and we'll even make one custom for your company. Give us a call- 847-677-1999 x22.

Nice Gifts

THANK YOU!  (September, 05 2012)

Those are two of the most important words in the English language, letting someone know that their actions are appreciated. In today’s economy, it is crucial to build a relationship with your clients and let them know that you are thankful for their continued business support. Many companies reinforce that message at the holiday time with gifts to key clients.
First, you must budget your gifts. 1%-5% of sales is typical, with some floor of the minimum account size to receive a gift. Many corporations have A, B and C level gifts. Don’t forget employees and even key suppliers.
Second, will your gift go to an individual or a department? Knowing your audience makes choosing the right gift easier. Using a professional counselor will help match audience to budget.
Third, how will these items be delivered? Will you stop by each client to personally deliver it or drop ship it? When will you deliver? More businesses are planning early and delivering for Thanksgiving (which ties into your “Thank You” message) or the first two weeks of January. I have had client deliver treats for Halloween, while others delivered for Valentine Day in February to make a splash.
Finally, start early to make sure your client gets what you want, when you want.
As an incentive to you, we are offering a 20% discount for ordering your holiday gifts on by October 19 and delivering whenever you request. If you want non food gifts, there is a 10% FREE GOODS offer on any order over $500 on any item. Please visit for more ideas.
Please call 847-677-1999 x22 to insure that your clients know that they are the key, by saying "Thank You!".